For many, the internet, or television shows are a pit of quicksand to trap while on a daily path to accomplishment.For others, the welcoming call of sleep is too inviting to ignore, and exhaustion overwhelms as they try to complete pressing duties. I suffer from another type of “procrastinism”; one that is destined to rob me of the satisfaction of completing anything that I set out to do. “Multi-tasking” is a term that everyone is familiar with, which would refer to the act of working on numerous things at one time and moving towards a successful outcome with each of them. But what if you are working on numerous projects and spreading yourself so thin that nothing is getting accomplished? That is where the term ‘multi-slacking’ comes in. That is the act of taking on so many projects at once that you only ever initiate one, then move onto the next one without completing it. (This is not to be confused with “multi-basking,” the act of lounging around the home in various positions, or “multi-flasking,” which involves too much drinking.) I have the best intentions of seeing through each project that I begin, but so many other things come up that it is hard to focus on just one. Why do dishes when you can cook? Why cook when you can read? Why read when you can write? As a result, my home is full of unwashed dishes, partially cooked food, discarded books and half-written stories that barely establish setting.

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