Writing (2007)

I have always loved writing fictional prose. As soon as I figured out how to form words with a pen, I was composing short stories and poetry. Now whether they were comprehensible or not to others was not the issue. I enjoyed creating images with words, and I still do, and that is what is important.
I spent years working at jobs that I felt were meaningless and unfulfilling. I wrote prose in my spare time, as well as participated in many musical projects. I never attempted to fool myself with dreams of becoming a professional writer or singer, but I did eventually look into further education in writing, and found myself enrolled in Print Futures. My dreams have suddenly appeared to be reality, and the possibility of writing for a living has been opened to me.
There are the things that one enjoys doing in life, and then there are the things that one knows that she must do in order to get by. One may either do something that he or she loves to do and be paid little for it, or someone may indulge in their passions on their spare time while she slaves away at a non-enjoyable, but higher paying job. I believe that ultimate happiness results from doing what you love for a living. As mentioned, my two main interests/passions in life involve writing and music. Now that I have acknowledged and allowed myself to pursue writing as something more serious than a scribbled haiku, it is important to find a niche that is both lucrative and enjoyable.
When looking to find a niche, it is also important to analyze one’s life, including family and location. Relocating is not a problem for me, as I would actually love to move around the province, if not experience the whole world as much as possible. Family commitment does not tie me down at this time.
I feel that I have a unique and creative way of looking at things, and I also feel that this original outlook is one of my greatest offerings to potential employers. Creativity is an asset in any type of writing, from technical to journalism.
Currently, I write a column in the student newspaper. At first intimidated, I now find the weekly deadlines more of a motivation than anything. Deadlines are an integral part of any writing job, so finding comfort with them early on is very important.
Last year, before enrolling in college, I self-published a short book of poetry/philosophy and enjoyed the process immensely. From the writing and editing, to the design of the book, every step was an excellent experience, and it was what prompted me to consider schooling.
I took Print Futures because the program has such a broad curriculum, and I was unsure as to what niche I would be working towards. The more I learn about prospective careers, the more jobs I find that I would enjoy.
As I research the different areas that I could go into with writing, the careers that appeal to me involve more of a creative aspect, but the more financially rewarding seem to be along the technical side.
Demand is another main consideration when considering a niche; there needs to be a need in order to be a job. Areas of writing that seem to be growing sectors include writing for the web and technical writing. I am not sure what each of these jobs entail as I am currently enrolled in courses that teach the subjects, but I will definitely be more receptive to them as I know they are in higher demand than poets. I believe that creativity can be exercised in any area of life, and I am hoping that this is true for projects as seemingly dry as instruction manuals, as well.
Current events, politics and newsrooms have always held great appeal for me, and I have not ruled out working as a journalist or columnist.
I have also always thought that editing was an intriguing occupation, and would be enjoyable, but I am unfortunately discovering in editing class that I am not as good as I thought I was at picking out incorrect detail in manuscript.
I think that it may be difficult to completely decipher a niche at this time, as I have still only gotten a taste of the different areas of work that are available. But I do know that whatever I bite into will not only be a creative outlet for me, but a way of life.

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