Hootenanny Cafe press release

A press release I composed for a local event appeared in the 100 Mile Free Press (even though it says “By Staff Writer”):
Music, spoken word, visual presentations – people never know what facet of Cariboo culture is up next at the Hootenanny Cafe in Forest Grove.
This nearly-regular event is scheduled for April 30. The show is held at the Forest Grove Hall, and judging by Hootenannys held in February and March, it promises to be a wild time.
Organizers Astrid and Steve Roy say they are doing their best to spread the word about this all-ages grassroots fundraiser and are also half of the House Band, which performs throughout the night.
“It already seems to have taken on life of its own,” says Astrid. “It’s growing with each event, bringing out more of the community in different ways.”
Because the Hootenanny is open to everyone, there is a distinct mix of entertainment, including various musical genres, dancing styles and spoken performances, she adds.
“There will be a lot of music at this Hootenanny, as well as contemporary-ballet and flamenco-fusion dancing.”
Says Astrid:  “We’re open to fundraising for different non-profit groups in the community, but the Hootenanny Cafe is not just a financial benefit for the community – it raises awareness for local artists and performers and inspires people to work together.
“There are so many people involved in putting these gigs together.”
Visitors to this month’s Hootenanny Cafe can expect a well-decorated hall; home-cooked food and goodies; and bright and lively atmosphere.
Forest Grove author Marianne Van Osch (The Homesteader’s Daughter and The Buffalo Man) will be reading, and there’s a rumour local bluegrass players may converge to show off their banjo plucking.
Musicians are encouraged to bring their own instruments as giant jam sessions are held after the scheduled performers, which start at 7 p.m.
Admission is by donation. Proceeds from admission and concession go toward community efforts.
For more information, call 250-397-4103.

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