Doe Attack

It started out as a quiet morning. My big, malamute-like dogs and I wandered along a trail so I could get shots of the dandelion carpeting on either side:

Moments after I took that shot, a doe appeared to my left. One dog was on leash; the other, running in the bush to my right. I called quietly for the off-leash dog (Timber) – when the deer charged at me! At that moment, Timber emerged from the brush and startled the doe – the leashed dog and I, camera bag and all, started backing away while the deer trampled Timber. I thought she was done for. I tried to scare the deer away, yelling “We don’t want your baby!!” but she was determined to stomp us all.
The doe turned on us and chased us for at least 200 yards. I was relieved when Timber caught up, running beside us, down a hill. Catching my breath and leashing Timber, I looked up – to see the doe still following us!! We ran until we reached the car, never glimpsing the supposed fawn that had earned us such wrath.
I’ve met angry dogs, people and bears on walks before – usually they are swayed by loud vocalizations. However, there was no stopping this protective mother.
If you think a deer couldn’t hurt you, check out this video from Cranbrook (violence and language advisory):

And, no – I did not get a photo or video of the deer as it attacked.

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